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We apologize for the
delay in this prayer
letter. We regularly
communicate with
individuals in churches
via the ,
a more brief and less
formal weekly newsletter. If you would like to be
added to that mailing list, please sign up on our
We were blessed to be able to attend a missionary
retreat in Spain and become acquainted with our new
field representative and his wife. Thank you to our
sending church for making that possible.
All of our submitted paperwork was finally accepted
for us to set an appointment for the final piece of
Valerie’s citizenship card – our “marriage.” We will be
“married” on February 14th of this year – we didn’t
pick the date. After this appointment, we should
finally be able to apply for Avery’s citizenship, and she
will be the last one. This will be important for us to
have the freedom to leave the country for longer than
6 months without losing our visas for our 2020
As is true for many of you,
this paragraph could be a
long one listing the many
(too many) activities in
December. Some
highlights include our first
ladies’ meeting hosted
here in Colinas, Owen
saying Portuguese lines in his preschool play, our school
Christmas concert, and well-attended church carol sing.
We celebrated a
quiet Christmas at
home with our kids.
A humble thank you
to those churches
who specifically sent
them money along
with those who sent
special Christmas
offerings for our family. We were very blessed to
purchase a new printer, after our 7-year-old printer
has been a source of frustration for at least the past
three years. We have had a new one picked out for
some time, but did not have the funds to purchase it.
Much to our surprise, it was an EXTRA 80 euros off
due to a Black Friday sale the day we went to buy it.
Yes, our Black Friday sales extended into December –
they don’t quite have the concept – but we won’t
complain!! Thank you also to those who sent us
Christmas cards and pictures of your families, which
we thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate.
Building Update
Are these getting old yet? We are thrilled that the
final kitchen cabinet doors have FINALLY all arrived
(they have been trickling in for months now). And for
those who prayed for our electrical inspection to
FINALLY happen and pass, it did! This will allow us to
do more community outreach including English
classes we will be beginning this month. Please pray
for those contacts we will make through these classes.
While it is not our favorite pastime, it has proven to
be a way for us to meet people in a non-threatening
situation, and give us a “pond to fish in” for sharing
the gospel and adding people to the church. This is
also a great way missions interns or “short-term
missionaries” can get involved and have some on-thefield
experience. If that sounds like something you
would be interested in, please contact us.
God bless you in 2019!


Posted: February 21, 2019


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