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Richard Jertberg Family Missionaries to Madagascar Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples

February 2020

Thank you for your prayers for our family as we get ready to move to Madagascar.
We praise God for the many things that He has been doing in our lives! On January 17th, we went to court at 8:45am and appeared before the judge who finalized Ruth adopting the kids. It was a very special time for us as Ruth became the legal mother of our older 5 kids. We are now both equally and fully the parents of all six of our kids! God has truly blessed us in giving us the privilege of being the parents of these kids! We pray that each one will grow up to love God and serve Him with their lives!
Things are coming together for our return/move to Madagascar! Just
yesterday, we received our visas! And, before we could apply for our visas, we had to buy tickets. We now have our visas and tickets all we have to do is wrap things up here, pack, and say goodbye. We leave out of Washington DC on April 11th. We will have a layover in Paris, then go on to Madagascar. Because we were able to get our tickets through a travel agent who gets humanitarian fare, we will be able to take 3 pieces of luggage per person! This is a huge help and blessing in moving over there! Now, we have to sort and pack up and get ready to go! We have a few quickly passing weeks to get everything wrapped up, packed, stored away, sold, and finished.
Please pray for all that needs to get done before we can go. Also, please pray
for our transition to a new culture and pace/way of life. We have been going through a lot of adjustment: being a new family, having a new baby, starting homeschool, traveling, meeting new friends, and now saying goodbye and moving to a new country and place. Yes, some have lived in Madagascar before; but it has been a long time; and it will be different than it was in the past. We praise God for the sweet spirit and good attitudes of our kids through all the adjustments that have been going on!! All of the kids are excited for our move and are excited to get into language study and the culture there. We have enjoyed all the excitement, but we are ready for life to settle down and have a regular pace. It is difficult to do school and really be a family unit when you are always on the move and not in your own home.
We pray that we as individuals, as a family, and as the body of Christ around the world would draw close to God and put Him first in our lives. We pray that we would look to Him for everything that we need and not depend on ourselves. We pray that we would love Him, spend time with Him, and then serve Him with our lives!


Posted: February 10, 2012


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