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ABWE: Columbia

June 2020

I apologize that this prayer letter is coming to you a little later than normal. I suppose at times I struggle to identify the purpose of “another covid letter.” The beautiful part of it all is that God has been so good to us. We continue to enjoy a healthy family, a beautiful missions home and a desire to put God first. He has been really working in our hearts through our family devotions in Nehemiah. A man who was so heart broken about the Lords people and a need that he stepped up. Oh that we would all be so inspired to move forward for the Lord regardless of our circumstances! If I had shown you the Zoom logo in this picture back in January, most of you would never have guessed how important this website and application would become for the entire world. I praise God that our children use this application weekly to meet in their children’s ministry for our home church! Zoom has also been a huge blessing for missionaries in transition as well. God has given us amazing connections with some of the pastors in Colombia and Jason has been asked to preach twice for Nueva Vida (New Life) baptist church as well as Valle de Tenjo (Valley of Tenjo) baptist church. We praise the Lord for Pastor Carlos, Pastor Wilson and Pastor Omar for the privilege to preach and continue a ministry in Colombia! The Spanish was fluid and the opportunity to connect with dear friends was a special blessing. How incredible that God has allowed a troublesome virus to change the way that we minister but with it, a new way to reach out even more. I pray your church has enjoyed the new methods and that these would continue, even when we find things getting back to normal. Another incredible opportunity was a random text from a seminary student. A great friend Jorge reached out to me and invited me to lead a seminary chapel with so many of my great former students and friends. I, of course, responded with a grateful yes and found myself joining another zoom meeting. What I didn’t know is that Jorge did not tell the other students so as they logged on and began to notice my name in the list, their faces lit up. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching a lesson on the book of Job and then spent a good 45 minutes praying, encouraging and being encouraged by these amazing students. So ministry continues. Not only have we been able to maintain relationships, contact and ministry in Colombia, we have done this during a very difficult pandemic that has put the entire world on hold. It’s a great reminder that even though our time in Colombia was cut short by a need to come home for support raising, God used us. Our ministry, discipleship and counseling continues in the many lives we touched. We are equipped with amazing technology that allows discipleship and ministry to continue from a distance! Please continue to pray as we consider the future for our family. We are excited about the healing which God is giving our family after a very difficult transition out of Colombia. God has provided just the right person at just the right time over and over again. We know He will make things clear at His appointed time. We hope to bring some news of a transition very soon and covet your prayers. Your faithful partnership with our family has been amazing. We have not once received any critical inquiries of our transition but rather patience and understanding from you, our supporters. We thank God for you as we know you are not partnering with a spot on the map but rather a family that has surrendered all to move forward by faith. We have seen your faithful, sacrificial partnership over many years. We just recently celebrated 6 years of missionary appointment! This would not be possible without your faithful prayer and giving.


Posted: February 7, 2018


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